SurveySwipe - SuperBowl 2011

" Mobile is a fast and efficient way to take researchers into consumers' lives."

Kristin Schwitzer, President

Superbowl XLV (2011) - Mobile Ethography

This Sunday, four leading market research agencies will produce an entirely new kind of SuperBowl event: a real-time mobile ethnography study of Super Bowl watchers!

Taking to the field with a championship team, they are going to show the power of mobile qualitative to bring into the with consumers. SurveySwipe, BrandScan 360, Beacon Research, and Hemispheres Research are joining forces on this ground breaking initiative.

The explosive growth of smart phones, coupled with their inherent location-based underpinnings make these devices the perfect platform to collect real-time, participatory feedback during the Super Bowl. We think this represents a huge opportunity to engage with your constituents in unique ways.

  • SurveyAnalytics-MobileEthnography
  • iPhone Users will receive a PUSH notification to take a survey - just after the half-time break

    The survey will test ad recall as well

    Users will be asked to take photographs of their location as well as brands they are interacting with

    A report/analysis will be produced by Monday morning about the sentiment, brand etc.

    Founding Partners - Project Directors

    Vivek Bhaskaran SurveySwipe  ·  vivek.bhaskaran [at] surveyanalytics [dot] com

    Leonard Murphy BrandScan360  ·  lmurphy [at] brandscan360 [dot] com

    Kristin Schwitzer Beacon Research ·  kristin [at] beacon-research [dot] com

    Lynn Reed Hemispheres Research  ·  lreed [at] hsrsh [dot] com


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