Promo Code | Promotional Discounts | Upgrade Coupon - How to?

What is a promo code / upgrade coupon?

Promo Code / Upgrade Coupons are distributed periodically for marketing promotions. If you received a coupon (16 Digit Alphanumeric Code), you can use these when upgrading your account to avail of the offer/discount.

Where can I enter the promo code?

Go To:

  • Login »  Surveys »  My Account (Top Right Corner)

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Can I request a coupon or a discount?

No - Coupons and Discounts are distributed over email by us and our partners periodically. If you've received an email with a Coupon Code - you can use this code that was assigned to you. Also if you are fllowing us on twitter you might get a Promo Code that you can use.

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