Progress Bar - How To?

What is a Progress Bar?

Progress Bar denotes the percentage of Survey loaded.

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For Example: Suppose you have a Survey with 2 questions and there is a page break after Question 1. When respondents open the survey it will display that 50% of the Survey has been loaded. When respondents answer the question on that page and click on the Continue button the progress bar will display 100% as now the respondent is on the last page of the survey.

For single page surveys the progress bar will always display 100% loaded.

How can I change the location of the Progress Bar displayed on the Survey?

Go To:
  • Login »  Surveys »  (Select Survey) »  Edit Survey »  Display Options

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How can I Remove the Progress Bar completely?

To Remove the Progress Bar select the None option from the drop menu.

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Can I have page numbers instead of Progress Bar?

Currently page number option is not available. Progress bar is the best way to display the status of the Survey.