Compound Branching / Delayed Branching Logic

What is Compound / Delayed Branching Logic?

With simple branching you cannot set up logic based on responses to multiple questions. Also with Simple Branching the logic is executed immediately.

Compound Branching: With help of Compound Logic you can set up branching based on responses to multiple questions in the Survey.

Delayed Branching: With Delayed Branching you can set up Branching Logic based on a Question which was asked much earlier in the Survey.

Consider this example:

Q1: Gender Q2: Age Q3: General question to be answered by everybody Q4: General question to be answered by everybody Q5: General question to be answered by everybody

Now after Q5 respondents should branch to different questions based on their selection in Q1 AND Q2

Q6: To be answered only by respondents who selected Gender=Male and Age=18 and above Q7: To be answered only by respondents who selected Gender=Female and Age=18 and below

Now all respondents should again answer rest of the questions.

Q8: General question for all respondents Q9: General questions for all respondents.

Steps for setting this up:

Before setting up the logic, set up all the questions in the survey.
  • Step I: Since the logic should be executed after Q5, click on the Logic icon for Q5.
  • Step II: Select the Compound/Delayed Branching option.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Step III: On the Compound/Delayed Branching screen click on the Add Logic Criteria link. (You can also select from a Pre-Defined Criteria if you have already set up criteria)
  • Survey Software Help Image
      Following are the steps for setting up criteria:
    • Enter in a name for the criteria. Choose from the Segment Type.
    • Add the required criteria and click on Save Filter.
    • New Data Segment will get created. Click on the Continue link.
  • Under If Criteria Met drop-down, select this criteria. Select the destination questions for if the logic matches or otherwise. Click on theSave Logic button.
  • Logic will be set up and you can review it and close the logic window.
This will set up the logic. Make sure you add a page break before Q8 for proper functionality.

While creating show/hide logic criteria based on an answer options of multi-select if I select other answer options too, the logic does not work. Why is it so?

If you apply show/hide option on an answer option, for that logic to work, you will have to select that answer option only. If any other answer option is selected along with the one on which logic is applied, the logic will not work.

Consider the below example:

There are two questions, Q1 is multi select and Q2 is single select.
Survey Software Help Image
The criteria applied is as below:

If for Q1 - answer option Visa is selected - then show Weekly option.

If for Q1 - answer option Visa is not selected - then show Monthly option.

Survey Software Help Image

Now, if you preview the survey, and select Visa only, then the logic will work properly.

Survey Software Help Image

If you select Visa along with any other answer option, then the logic will nullify and will not work.

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How many criterias can I add in a logic?

You can add upto 5 criterias in a logic.

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