Sending an automatic thank you/confirmation email

What is the thank you confirmation email?

When respondents take your survey, it is customary and good practice to thank them for their time spent answering. You can set up your survey to automatically send out these “Thank You for taking the survey” emails.

You can enable this option under:

    • Login »  Surveys »  Settings »  Notifications
  1. Select the type of notification to be sent, either Thank You, or Thank you + Spotlight Report.
  2. Enter the Subject.
  3. Enter the Thank You Message. HTML can be used here to format the email message.
  4. Click Save Changes.
Note: The thank you emails will be sent from the same address used in the email invitation.

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. Screenshot

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For Email Notifications to work:

You should either use QuestionPro Email Management tool with Respondent Tracking, or you should include an open-ended text (Email) type question for respondents to enter their email address on the survey.

From which email address will the Thank You emails be sent?

The from email address for the Thank You emails will be the email address mentioned under the From Email field in your Survey Invitation.

How can I remove the redirection link from the Thank You Page with Link?

If you do not want to place the redirect link on this page, remove the Thank you Text from the Link Text box. Then click Save Changes.