Text Analytics for Research

" Text analytic software delivers trends, topics, stakeholders and sentiment to the researcher."

Dr. Stuart Shulman, Asst. Professor, Political Science.

Survey Analytics's Text Analytics for Surveys includes multiple new features that make it easier to move through the text Tagging process.

Text Analytics for Surveys

With SurveyAnalytics Text Analytics solutions, you can quantify text responses for analysis along with other survey data quickly and consistently. Our Text Analytics for Surveys automates the process while still allowing you to intervene manually to refine your results. You never lose control of the categorization process.

With SurveyAnalytics Text Analytics for Surveys, you can:

Identify major themes without reading responses word for word

Distinguish between positive and negative comments

Create Tags or "code frames" more quickly

Tag responses more consistently

Increase satisfaction with survey results

Tag Clouds - Simple, Elegant and Effective

The size of the word corresponds to the quantity associated with that word.

Automatic keyword and density visualization

Color coded for visual appeal

Customizable stop word list


  • Conjoint Analysis

    Conjoint Analysis
  • CRM Integration

    CRM Integration
  • Mobile Research

    Mobile Research


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